Protocols to allow for a professional guest experience while helping to stop the spread of the Coronavirus – these measures will ensure a safe and hygienic ocean experience.

While we endeavour to implement the suggested safety and hygiene protocols, keeping safe is also up to every individual.

We encourage visitors to take extra precautions at all times to help stop the spread of the virus. This includes wearing a mask when out in public, keeping a safe distance from others and regularly washing hands.

If visitors feel ill or unwell, we ask them to please remain home, and should they experience any COVID19 symptoms – to please immediately consult with their health professional.


  • Surfaces and high-use touchpoints will be regularly cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.
  • We ask that guests be guided by the base staff at all times.
  • Floor markings will help visitors observe safe social distancing.
  • Signage will be available to help encourage social distancing and regular hand washing.
  • To avoid touch contamination, we prefer cards or electronic payments.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available.
  • All staff will wear masks when on duty and guests need to wear masks when interacting with our base staff.


Cleaners wearing personal protective equipment will thoroughly clean each boat, paying close attention to high-use areas such as steering and navigation controls, doors and handles, bathrooms and showers (where applicable), as well as seats, tables and controls.

  • All onboard documents will be cleaned with disinfectant wipes between operations.
  • If any symptoms of Coronavirus are reported by a guest while onboard the boat, the boat will be deep-cleaned and left for at least 24 hours before next use.


All guests are required to complete an indemnity form and COVID19 screening before embarking any vessel. The Aquila Collection group of companies reserves the right of admission. 

  • All staff and guests will undergo a COVID19 screening. This will include an indemnity form, ticket or booking validation, guest information form and temperature check. 
  • Should any guest or staff member show any COVID19 symptoms or have irregular temperature check results, they may be refused entry.
  • Should guests not have masks, they will be able to purchase these for safe entry to our properties.
  • Guests will receive a pen for their personal use at the time of completing the required forms. No pens will be reused.


All staff will receive COVID19 safety and hygiene training and be provided with required personal protective equipment. While we endeavour to provide all teams with ongoing training, we ask that guests also observe protocol and keep their own health and safety in mind when interacting with our staff.

  • Staff will not report for work if they display symptoms of Coronavirus.
  • Our staff will welcome guests with a smile – but will not offer a handshake and we hope guests will understand.
  • Staff will regularly wash their hands.


  • Passengers and crew should not pass or share fishing equipment wherever possible.
  • Where possible, social distancing must be maintained between individuals.
  • We may limit the amount of guests per scheduled charter to 50% of capacity.
  • Snacks will be individually packed and wrapped and drinks will not be served by the crew. Catering services will be self help.

Further updates to these protocols may be suggested or made from time to time and we will endeavour to update all websites and guest information as soon as any protocols are changed.

These protocols will be implemented from the time that we are allowed to open as per the South African Government Gazette and Regulations and will remain in place until the WHO or South African Government make any further suggestions or recalls.

The Aquila Collection remains committed to provide Safe Service Sea Safaris to our most valued guests as we continue to offer world class fishing and cruise / ocean experiences.