Have you tried managing your businesses technology by yourself?

Many clients find it hard to keep up with the times. There are so many Antivirus programs, patches and  updates which need to take place, just to mention a few. Then there are also software and hardware issues with computers which you need to manage and solve. It’s way too hard!

As a business owner, you need to focus on the key elements of your business and not on how technology is changing – and that is where we step in. You need a service provider to manage all of it so that you don’t have to. Having us in your corner will cut costs, save you time and maximise your technological capabilities.

You might still be wary about getting a company to manage all your technological needs but here are 5 reasons why you should hire us.

  1. We will handle all current and future technology requirements. We advise you on how to optimise your current technology while also planning for the years ahead. We help with research, recommendations and procurement. You simply say yes or no.
  2. We will implement back-up and disaster recovery strategies. There are always threats around every corner.
  3. We have relationships with various technology vendors to ensure you get the best possible prices for your technology needs.
  4. We allow you to focus on more critical business functions like sales, management and marketing. Let us handle what we know best and free up that responsibility from you.
  5. We will reduce your expenses. Keeping your systems up to date will reduce lost revenue due to downtime. Our skilled team will save you time and money from hiring staff to manage your technology. We will keep you up and running while your competitors struggle with downtime. Giving you a competitive advantage!

The future of IT support has arrived in the form of The Window IT Managed services. Our technical team are proactive in keeping your computers monitored and maintained in every aspect of your network, keeping your computers healthy and up to date. We also offer a call-in or email support desk with certified and trained technicians when you need immediate support.

Forget about the slow IT services you have experienced. Join us and experience the future of IT support.

Contact us to book a no-obligation review of your infrastructure and see how we can help you in the future.

The standard home computer is made up of about 8 to 15 highly complex components or parts, ranging from the hard drive and RAM to keyboard and mouse. They can often work for years without a single hint of a problem and then for what appears to be no reason at all, stop working. The amount of things that can go wrong with the hardware is limited, as generally a part will work or it won’t, but here are some of the leading issues that can occur.

1. The computer Overheats

Overheating is normally a result of a CPU fan fault. The CPU fan is in place to draw heat away from the CPU (Central processing unit), which can become very hot when in use. When this fan gets old or clogged with dust from not having been cleaned and stops working, the CPU will overheat, resulting in a computer shutdown or CPU burnout. How to avoid this: open the casing and use an air-spray to clean the CPU fan every now and again especially if the computer is in a dusty/dirty area.

2. The Hard Drive wears out

Your hard drive stores all your data and every time you access anything form photos to music to running programs or just turning the computer on, the hard drive is spinning. In time this motor can wear out and fail. How to avoid this: almost impossible to predict and prevent other than to take regular backups to avoid losing data.

3. RAM becomes faulty

RAM (Random-access memory, a form of computer data storage) is extremely delicate and can be affected by static electricity, this is very often the cause for the RAM to become faulty, RAM is a piece of hardware that stores data for very quick access and is highly sensitive changes in electrical conditions. – ADVICE to avoid: ensure that your computer has all the required grounding and rubber spacers on the Mother Board

4. Motherboard fault

Motherboards are the “back bone” of entire computer and generally are rather hard to single out as the faulty item, with it being such a complex component. The fault might be so tiny that is invisible to the naked eye.  Generally the Motherboard is stable and is most affected by power surges.

5. CD ROM Drive fault

When a CD Rom Drive starts giving problems, like not reading CD’s or DVD’s the first thing to do is ensure that the lens is not dirty, 1 grain of dust could cause this device to stop working 100{206629249822e97706762546edace1ad76cbc02ef64e4bde6156017cdec6d239}. CD and DVD Rom’s use a laser to read the data of the disc, this laser needs to have the disc spin at a certain speed and be in a  very clean space. When the CD rom starts misreading dirt is the most likely culprit, but it could be that the motor that spins the disc is faulty.

6. Bonus Tip:

Computers, when they power up, do a POST – Power on Self-test. POST is a self test that is run by the computer early in the boot process from the BIOS. It checks to see that everything is present and functioning. Malfunctions are indicated by a series of beeps, the meaning of which depends on the BIOS manufacturer. Reference your motherboard documentation or search on the web for the explanations.

If you see warning popup on your PC, you should know you have double clicked on a ransomware attachment and you may be losing everything.

Do not panic…. The Window is there to assist!

We would like to think that prevention is better than cure. We suggest that you:

  1. Install Anti-virus software to try and counter these attacks
  2. Backup all your data
  3. Do not open emails from strange email addresses, with weird attachments
  4. Do not open attachments or click on unknown links
  5. Do not double-click on email attachments
  6. Do not download software from torrent sites
  7. Never disable anti-virus or anti-malware software

There have been plenty of strange emails from our own email addresses, which we have received and of course, I wanted to see what this was, being the inquisitive person I am… Let’s just say I have the best boss ever because I’m still here. I crashed our network and he did not fire me. If I had known all of the above, I would not have made that mistake, I would have “shift +delete” on first sight of it.

If it is too late, and you clicked the attachment or link, you have 3 options:

  1. Recover what is lost from your amazing backups which you should have with us
  2. Pay the ransom
  3. Say goodbye to all your data

We have seen a few companies that have been attacked by ransomware. Luckily, they had our backup, which keeps the last 5 versions (versions meaning, the amount of times you have updated file or document)  of your data. If you are attacked, everything is wiped for that day and the data is restored from the previous versions.

At the end of the day, ransomware is constantly changing and evolving, so it is very hard to be actively protected all the time, the best solution is to have an adequate backup (not an attached portable drive or USB Stick).